Monday, 5 October 2015

5 Tips to Get Out Of a Car Lease

There are many reasons why you may wish to get out of your car lease. You may not be able to afford it anymore, you may not like the car anymore, or it could be for another reason. No matter what your reason is, it can be difficult to get out of a car lease. Here are five tips to help you get out of a car lease.

Offer You Vehicle for Lease Takeover

Not everyone is aware but you can actually have someone takeover the lease on your vehicle. To do this there is typically a fee but it can be a great option if you need to get out of your car lease. To do so you must list your car or find someone who is willing to takeover the lease. Once you have someone who wishes to takeover the lease have them fill out the paperwork and you are out of your lease.

Return the Vehicle

You can always return the vehicle to the dealership that you are leasing from. The problem you run into is that the fees imposed are typically much higher than other methods of getting out of a car lease. Rather than return the vehicle it is better to sell it.

Sell the Vehicle

As mentioned in the tip above you can sell the vehicle. This means that you will buy the car from the dealer and sell it to someone quickly. Unless you manage to sell the car for a good price you will probably end up still having to pay money but not as much as if you were to return the vehicle.

Talk To the Leasing Company

If you are having trouble making your monthly payments talk to the leasing company and see if theycan work something out with you. This leasing tip only works if you are able to prove that you are having financial problems and it isn’t a guaranteed way to get out of your lease. The only real time that this tip will work is if you prove that the only option you have left is to default on your payments which would cause the leasing company to incur costs. Often times they will offer to temporary suspend your lease payments but occasionally they will offer you a way out of your lease.

Read Over Your Lease Contract

It is rare but sometimes leasing companies leave you with a way out of your lease in your contract. Read through it thoroughly to see I there are any ways out of it. The fine print is there but it is often costly if you can return your leased vehicle. If you want to read more about car lease takeover Toronto and lease takeover Ontario please visit


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